Machine Readable Passport (MRP):

1) Physical presence is mandatory to apply for first-time Machine Readable Passport. Processing of MRP application includes; recording of biometric data (finger print scanning), taking applicant’s photograph, taking the applicant’s personal data and interview for which personal attendance is mandatory at the Embassy/Consulate General.

2) MRP applicants must possess valid computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) or National Identity card for Overseas Pakistani (NICOP) issued by National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) of Pakistan.

3) If there is a discrepancy between the information provided by the applicant and the data in NADRA’s database, the applicant can rectify the information first in the NICOP before applying for MRP. Moreover, the case will be treated as ’MRP modification’ and has to be applied at the Embassy/Consulate General. 

4) The applicant will be required to produce documents like birth certificate, matriculation certificate, valid passport, or valid visa to prove or justify the change noticed in data fetched from NADRA warehouse.

5) In case of change of a female applicant’s name due to marriage, the applicant should have her NICOP/CNIC card changed to the married name, before applying for MRP, showing the marital status on the Marriage Certificate.

6) Normal MRP can take upto 20-25 days to be delivered to the Embassy/Consulate General; whereas Urgent MRP can take 7-8 days to be delivered from DG IMPASS Pakistan. 

Renewal of MRP:

1) Renewal of Machine Readable Passport at the Embassy/Consulate General has the same procedure as applying for new one with all the required documents.

2) In addition, a simple MRP renewal (without any modification) can be carried out online via MRP cannot be renewed in mail or with any representative, i.e., the applicant has to be present in person while applying for MRP from the Embassy/Consulate General.

Lost Passport:

Following documents are required for processing a fresh MRP in lieu of lost passport:

1) Original Police Report, in detail, in respect of lost passport. 

2) Original valid CNIC / NICOP along with a photocopy.

3) Photocopy of lost Pakistani Passport.


1) First-time MRP issuance in lieu of manual passport; issuance of MRP in lieu of lost passport; and MRP modification cases cannot be processed online and MUST BE processed at the Embassy/Consulate General by the applicant(s).

2) The issuance of Machine Readable Passports (MRP) may be delayed due to unforeseen reasons and technical problems from the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports Headquarters, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Passport Processing/MRP Fee:                    

  Fee for 05 YEARS Validity
Normal (36-Pages) Rs.3,000/-
Urgent (36-Pages) Rs.5,000/-
Normal (72-Pages) Rs.55,00/-
Urgent (72-Pages) Rs.9,000/-
Normal (100-Pages) Rs.6,000/-
Urgent (100-Pages) Rs.12,000/-
Fee for 10 YEARS Validity
Normal (36-Pages) Rs.5,400/-
Urgent (36-Pages) Rs.9,000/-
Normal (72-Pages) Rs.9,900/-
Urgent (72-Pages) Rs.16,200/-
Normal (100-Pages) Rs.10,800/-
Urgent (100-Pages) Rs.21,600/-

Requisite fee for processing fresh MRP in lieu of lost MRP (as per nature of loss i.e. 1st loss, 2nd loss, 3rd loss), is as follows:

No. of Times Lost
Normal Urgent
First Time Lost
Rs.6,000/- Rs.10,000/-
Second Time Lost
Rs.12,000/- Rs.20,000/-
Third Time Lost
Rs.24,000/- Rs.40,000/-
(i) Pakistan’s Mission Abroad will issue emergency passport for return to Pakistan with an intimation to Director General Immigration & Passport.
(ii) In Pakistan, the case will be referred to Director General Immigration & Passport for further action.

(Note: The passport processing fee has to be deposited in Turkih Lira equivalent to Pak Rupees amount, in Embassy’s Turkish Lira account.)

Embassy’s Bank Account Details:

The account details are as follows:

Name of Account

Type of Account (Currency)

Account No.


Bank Name

Swift Code


Embassy of Pakistan, Ankara




T.C Ziraat Bankasi Arjantin Caddesi/Ankara Subesi 




Turkish Lira Account


TR88 0001 0009 2003 4578 0850 39