The Embassy of

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Ankara, Türkiye

Trees Planted at Pakistan Embassy In The Memory Of Precious Lives Lost In Earthquake 2023 In Southern Türkiye

Press Release

Ankara, 5th February 2024

Trees Planted at Pakistan Embassy In The Memory Of Precious Lives
Lost In Earthquake 2023 In Southern Türkiye 

An event was held at Pakistan Embassy Ankara to commemorate the courage and resilience of Turkish nation in the wake of last year’s devastating earthquakes in southern Türkiye. Chairperson Human Rights Investigation Commission of Turkish Parliament, MP Ms. Derya Yanik and Ambassador of Pakistan to Türkiye Dr. Yousaf Junaid planted trees in the presence of Deputy Governor Ankara Mr. Bekir Yilmaz, Vice President AFAD Mr. Hamza Taşdelen and representatives of media, think tanks and civil society.  A moment of silence was observed in respect of precious lives lost in earthquake followed by fatiha.

Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Dr. Yousaf Junaid expressed profound sorrow over the loss of more than 50,000 lives and devastating damages to property as a result of the earthquake. He stated that earthquake highlighted Turkiye’s resilience in the face of a massive disaster, correctly termed as ‘asrin felaketi’ and the capacity of the Turkish government under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to handle such colossal damage in the best possible manner.

While highlighting the deep-rooted Pakistani-Turkish brotherhood and friendship, Ambassador stated that both countries are like ‘two hearts, one soul’. Both countries have a glorious tradition of supporting each other under all circumstances. Under the spirit of ‘aciniz acimiz’, it was Pakistan’s responsibility to contribute to earthquake relief assistance efforts.

Vice President AFAD Hamza Taşdelen thanked Pakistan for its exemplary solidarity and swift response to earthquake relief assistance. He highlighted that Pakistani rescue teams were among the first international teams to arrive in Adiyaman, the worst hit city by earthquake, where they saved many precious lives.  He stated that relief assistance goods especially winterized tents were sent by air, land and sea routes to ensure quick delivery to the affected areas, which highlighted that the hearts of the Pakistani brothers beat with the hearts of Turkish people.


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