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Panel Discussion Held At Institute of Strategic Thinking (SDE), Renowned Thinktank In Ankara To Mark Fourth “Youm-E-Istehsal-E-Kashmir”

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Ankara ,  20th July 2023

Panel Discussion Held At Institute of Strategic Thinking (SDE), Renowned Thinktank In Ankara To Mark Fourth “Youm-E-Istehsal-E-Kashmir”


Institute of Strategic Thinking (SDE) organized a panel discussion titled "Jammu and Kashmir Dispute, searching for a solution” in connection with the upcoming " Youm-e-Istehsal-e-Kashmir”. The day is observed throughout the world on 5 Aug every year as a somber memory of the heinous actions taken by India in August 2019 to perpetuate its illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir region.

Ambassador of Pakistan to Türkiye Dr. Yousaf Junaid joined the panel consisting of President SDE Dr. Guray Alpar, SDE Domestic Policy Coordinator Prof Dr. Tevfik Erdem, SDAV President Mr. Sinan Tavukcu and Dr. Gokberk Durmaz to discuss the Jammu and Kashmir dispute at length. While shedding light on the legal, political, human rights, security and historical dimensions of the dispute, the speakers called for immediate cessation of human rights violations by Indian occupation forces in Jammu and Kashmir.

          In his remarks, Dr. Guray Alpar referred to IIOJK as the most heavily militarized zone in the world. He added that atrocities committed by the Indian security forces in IIOJK and denial of fundamental right to self-determination of Kashmiri people depicted Indian imperialistic ambitions. Contributing to the discussion, Ambassador Numan Hazar stated “Kashmir was as important an issue for Turkiye as for Pakistan.”

Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Dr Yousaf Junaid stated that Jammu and Kashmir was the core dispute between India and Pakistan with far reaching implications for region and world at large. It was, therefore imperative to seek peaceful resolution of this long-standing dispute as per relevant UN Security Council Resolutions. Referring to the grave human rights situation in the IIOJK, he highlighted the human rights abuses being committed in the occupied territory with full impunity by the Indian occupation forces, including issuance of more than 4.2 million illegal domiciles certificates to non-Kashmiri settlers to obliterate Kashmiri identity, exponential increase in reprisals against human rights defenders and journalists, denial of access to independent human rights observers and global media. He also acknowledged Turkiye’s principled stance on Jammu and Kashmir dispute and appreciated the support given by Turkiye to the Kashmir cause at the international forums.

Various participants underscored the importance of working together for Muslim causes including IIOJK and utilizing forums such as OIC and the UN. The event was well attended by academia, civil society, media and other stakeholders.



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