The Embassy of

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Ankara, Türkiye

With Public Applause, Pakistani Search and Rescue Team Leaves for Pakistan

Press Release

Istanbul, 23 February 2023



After conducting 17-day search and rescue operation in Adiyaman, the Pakistan Search and Rescue team left for Pakistan from Istanbul tonight. Through relentless efforts, the team managed to rescue multiple precious lives.

At the farewell ceremony, attended by  Deputy Governor of Istanbul Özlem Bozkurt Gevrek. Ambassador of Pakistan to Turkiye Dr. Yousaf Junaid,  Deputy Ambassador Zeynep Kaleli of Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  AFAD Coordinator İstanbul Mrs Seval Dedeoğlu and other dignitaries team was sent off to Pakistan with a loud round of applause and appreciation.

Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) squad from Pakistan comprised of a 33-member Pakistan Army USAR team and 53-member Rescue 1122 team. Both teams were among the first ones to arrive at Adiyaman on 7th February 2023, where they successfully made miraculous live evacuations. In total, 28 live evacuations were made by both teams. 14 live evacuations were made exclusively by the Pakistani teams, whereas 14 evacuations were made with the support of other rescue teams present on ground.

Bidding farewell to the team, Deputy Governor of Istanbul Özlem Bozkurt Gevrek, thanked the Pakistani team for its support in wake of devastating earthquake. 

Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador of Pakistan to Turkiye, Dr.Yousaf Junaid stated that Pakistan and Turkiye are like  ‘Two Hearts, One Soul’. People of Pakistan felt the same pain and anguish as their Turkish brothers after the devastating earthquakes. Pakistan will continue playing an active part in relief and rehabilitation efforts, ambassador added.


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